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Sanmia Drone originated in June 2022 with the idea to conquer the Drone World on the biggest social media platforms. The name Sanmia comes from the founder: Sander Floris van Beek, combined with his girlfriend called Mia. 

Sander had a big passion for Photography and Videography until he got inspired by the aerial content he saw online. He then decided to start a professional career in Aerial Photography and Videography by purchasing his own drone. 

How it all started

History of Sanmia Drone

It all started with the DJI Mini 2, the perfect drone for beginning drone fanatics. As Sanmia Drone gained experience over the first few weeks, he then purchased his second drone: the DJI Mini 3 Pro. 

With this drone he has been able to shoot all of the content required for his social media pages and has been quite successful so far. After 2 months, Sanmia Drone on Instagram reached the 1.000 followers milestone and the Sanmia YouTube channel also started to do better.  


The Future of Sanmia Drone

Currently, the aim for Sanmia Drone is to continue growing its Social Media pages, with the main focus on Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok. In the future, after creating a solid portfolio, Sanmia Drone could also be focusing on commercial use such as:

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